The upscale approach to beauty and tranquility … for the celebrity in you!

Ludmilla Cullington

Growing up in Eastern Europe where beautiful skin is highly revered, Ludmilla was learning the beauty secrets to keep her skin looking young. Ludmilla’s passion for helping others to create and preserve beautiful skin intensified as she shared her beauty secrets with breathtaking results.

As Ludmilla continued developing her advanced skin care skills, she moved to California where she married and became a Licensed Esthetician after graduating at the top of her class from a Paul Mitchell partner school. Realizing what the harsh California sun can do to skin, she surpassed the “standard skin care practices” by infusing her Eastern European beauty secrets into her skin care regimen. Besides making her client’s skin look as young as possible, perhaps the best compliment she receives is, “Ludmilla has the touch”. Ludmilla’s touch will take you to a place of serenity.